Between Us - Lyrics

Bound by the heart


Dreaming, flying on electric clouds to you
Never known what love like this could do
Feeling like a fairytale come true
From a distance

Closer, closing in with every step I take
Strengthening the trust we cannot break
Weíre living all the promises we make
Baby listen


Canít separate things that are bound by the heart
No million miles between us can keep us apart
You get this feeling when you look in my eyes
When I tell you that I see the light

Canít separate us, we are bound by the heart
No other love we had before compares to all that we got
I get this feeling when I look in your eyes
I gotta show you what I feel inside


Feelings, the feeling that I get when not with you
Emotions bring me down I get confused
When you're not here I always get this blue
Cannot help it

Whisper, words of love to linger in my ears
Shivers up my spine, burst into tears
Here inside your arms I'm without fears
Baby listen